As the market gets more and more demanding, Carvalho, as a Terry Towels Manufacturer, has been bringing improvement and innovation to the production structure.
Our main focus is to identify customer’s needs and meet them through the development of new concepts and ideas that are based on a modern and well provided Design and Development department.

1. Research & Development

The Research & Development department designs and develops products according to the latest market trends.

2. Raw material Warehouse

After receiving the raw materials, they are stored. Fábrica Tecidos Carvalho has two different warehouses, one for raw yarn and other for dyed yarn.

3. Weaving Preparation

The raw or dyed yarn is transformed in warps that will be placed on the looms in the weaving process.


4. Weaving

This section currently is equipped with 56 looms, 46 Jacquard and 10 dobby machines and have an online system for control and monitoring of production, that allows to control in real time the performance of this section.


5. Yarn Dyed

The yarn dyeing is equipped with the latest generation machines contributing to a high energy and production efficiency.

6. Piece Dyed Section

The yarn dyeing is equipped with the latest generation machines contributing to a high efficiency in terms of energy and production.

7. Finishing

The finishing section is equipped with cutting edge technology in order to give the desired characteristics such as: brightness, smoothness, absorption, and volume.

8. Confection

Fábrica Tecidos Carvalho has a fully automated process since cutting, labeling and packaging

9. Final Inspection

Our Quality culture is supported by a demanding final inspection piece by piece.

10. Quality Control

Fábrica Tecidos Carvalho relies on its own Laboratory in order to follow and monitoring quality control across all the departments of the production process.

11. Logistic Warehouse

The Logistics Warehouse ensure a faster and more effective response to market needs.
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